#1 Wedding Splurge!

I love to find out people’s various splurges for their wedding. Here is what I have discovered, the biggest splurge for most people…..photography!!! Ok, so not much of a surprise to most of you; after all the market for wedding photography in SoCal is one of the best, in my opinion. However, I still find that many brides are shocked by prices when they start the hunt for a wedding photographer. Just remember, whether your wedding costs $10,000.00 or $100,000.00 the lasting memory of your day will be in your photos…so make sure to invest in them!!

Finding the perfect photographer is key to having a great wedding. I always suggest meeting with a variety of people to really zoom (no pun intended!) in on the photographer that meshes well with you and your fiance’s personality. This person is going to be taking photos of you both on one of your most special days…you gotta LOVE them! (plus it makes the photos fun!)

Another piece of advice? Know what you want and make sure their work reflects that. Some people want an edgy, photojournalistic flair to their wedding photos, some people are more traditional…you need to make sure that your photographers work represents that. The best way to do that is by looking at a complete wedding they have shot, not just the “best” photos arranged nicely in an album. You want to get an idea of what the entire wedding day looks like from their eyes.

One more thing…blog stalk!!! Oh yes, it is the best way to stay current on a photographers recent work and also get a taste of their inner personality. I feel a blog tells a lot about a person, more that you can learn from an hour interview with them.

Well…that is it for today folks! Below are some photos from my favorite photographers…I hope these beautiful photos inspire you to hire the best photographer for you!

Amy Squires Photography

Boutwell Studio

HyStudio (my wedding photographer!)

Jasmine Star Photography

Jessica Claire Photography

Trista Lerit Photography

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Rashana - I’m so glad I came across your blog. I love this post! The photography you featured is just … extraordinary. Beautiful!

Trista - Awwwwww…I’m so honored to be one of your “favorites”!

James - Nice post and great photos. I would have never imagined how important the wedding photos are (but why would I, I’m a guy). I hear that pictures are worth a thousand words, and videos are worth a thousand pictures, but when it comes down to it, photos are really the most memorable things. Well, that and the food…

Heather - Well put.
I am a major blog stalker even after my wedding. Photographers make weddings so much more interesting with how they process the photos after the big day. :)

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