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Everyone knows that “going green” is huge these days. It’s everywhere from how you grocery shop, what car you drive….to YES, even planning your wedding! So, my buddy Michelle over at Charming Event tagged me to share with everyone how I have become more eco-friendly.

* A year ago, we sold our “gas-guzzling” Montero Sport and I got a Beetle. This not only means that I am driving in fashion…but I also am spending less time at the gas pump since my car is smaller and more “road friendly”.

* What to do with all those grocery bags once you are done shopping? Like Michelle, I use them for anything from garbage to lunch bags.

* We have been saving our clothes for Working Wardrobes, a local non-profit which helps people with getting back on their feet with career counseling and wardrobing. (they had a great “Cinderella For Life” program where you can donate your old bridesmaid dresses to girls in need, so they may use as a prom dress!)

Looking at this list makes me realize that I can be doing much more for the environment. So I want to see in what way others are helping to be more eco-friendly.

Ready? Okay…now it’s your turn!

I am tagging:

Jasmine Star Photography
Spiraled Stem Floral Design
OC’s Finest Weddings

Because I don’t like leaving a post “photo-less” here is a beautiful photo shot by HyStudio on a recent trip to the Smokey Mountains National Park. Look at how beautiful Mother Nature is!

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Heather - Green is so hot right now! :D

hystudio - hee .. thanks for using our photos in your blog. what a honor :)

jasmine* - Oh no! The pressure’s on! ;)

Sara - I have a Prius!
on a side note, that picture is AMAZING!!! :D

Michelle - Christina – great tip! I really hate to just give huge bags of clothes to the local thrift store, so i’m definitely going to donate to Working Wardrobe – what a great cause!

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