inspire me monday: our shower, a year ago today…

we walked into the room, filled with all of our closest friends and family, and immediately felt so incredibly blessed to be so loved. it was such a joy to see family from out of town, friends from childhood & college, past smw couples that are now dear friends, old coworkers, and new friends!! we actually could have had so many more people there, but at close to 80ppl (even more than our wedding!!) we already maxed the place out. haha!! i remember thinking about how i was so happy that we requested to have this shower coed, and to also learn our baby luvbug’s gender at the same time…surrounded by so many of the people that meant so much to us!!

thinking about the gender reveal part of the party kept butterflies in our stomachs that day! we were so excited to find out whether our little luvbug was a little boy or girl, that i don’t think we actually ever sat down and relaxed. it was a very similar feeling to our wedding, looking around at all the beautiful details my friends lovingly designed (modern travel inspired) and planned for us, but feeling very much in a fog of happiness as we chatted away with as many of our guests as possible. they had come to celebrate us..our baby..i just wanted to talk to them forever. i wanted them to understand how much their very presence at such an important moment of our lives truly touched us. ohhh the delicious taco stand (our only other request for the shower) that we were sooooo excited about…james and i were in such a fog, that friends had to make our plate, and force us sit down to eat. even still, it doesn’t even seem like we ate…we just wanted to stay locked in this moment of happiness and celebration forever.

as for the reveal, well the photo shows it all. we were completely surprised, since the whole time we had a strong feeling we were having a girl. wrong!! i always said i wanted a little james, a perfect duplicate of the man i love so much. a man who still looks at his mother with so much love & adoration. i felt so proud to know i was carrying a part of him, a little boy, that would make my heart grow twice it’s size filled with love. a boy that continues to fascinate me everyday, as he explores this life.

thank you thank you to my dearest friends yvett, barbara, and heather for helping make our shower everything we could have ever wanted and more! thank you to sweet and saucy for the deliciously beautiful cake, thank you la tavola for the cheerfully modern linens, thank you socal dj for the chill music, thank you carcano for the chiavari chairs, thank you aaron dieppa for capturing the day & doing the photobooth!! thank you to all of our friends and family who shared in this special moment with us!!

and thank you for letting me share & reminisce on this moment with you!!

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yvett iglesias - my dear friend! you and your hubby are ever so welcome! we all just wanted you to have a loving and memorial shower. We love you and are so happy you have your little baby boy!

James - Has it been 1 year already?? Wow, they say time flies once you have a kid, I definitely believe that now. What a day that was. It was one of those days that you just remember every detail. Not bits and pieces, but everything. Going from table to table, talking to everyone laughing, eating those Tacos (soo good!), taking crazy pictures in the photobooth, looking up and seeing everyone so happy to be enjoying the day with us. It was definitely a beautiful day.

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