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friday randomness: oh the place i’ll go!

thailand travel

i just love the thought of traveling all around the world, there’s so many exciting places i need to visit!!! my dream vacation spot includes all of my favorite things together in one place: elephants, nature, massages, and romantic dinners. what more could a girl ask for?! at the four seasons in thailand they offer...

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inspire me monday: sherbet hues wedding!

sherbet bright wedding

i am getting to be mrs. antsy pants as this year is inching closer to spring! something about the newness in nature and fresh pops of color just inspire me like crazy. of course it can’t hurt that i have my eye on all the bright fashions that are sure to be a hit this...

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friday randomness: ruche wedding collection…what?!

dear ruche, you know i love you already…i mean half my closet is already filled with your fun, modern styles! i seriously can’t even drive into fullerton without thinking of what new arrivals i can buy online really quick and so i can pickup in person from your warehouse. did i mention how obsessed i...

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wednesday tip: remember love!

as a college student i learn a lot of things, some of which, important, useful, interesting and also pointless. this week in my business communications class i learned some interesting facts about the way that men and woman communicate with each other. on average a man uses only 700 words a day. a woman on...

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inspire me monday: valentine’s craftiness

as a kid, i remember how exciting it was to make valentine’s day cards and crafts to exchange at school. one year, we made little mailboxes out of a shoebox so our classmates could leave a fun surprise valentine…so so fun!! now i’m older and have less patience to craft, but i’m always getting inspired...

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