Don’t forget about each other’s gifts!

Some people have adopted the idea of giving gifts to each other on the day of the wedding. (ok not just some people…me too!) I think it’s a really great thought, and it’s a nice way to start some family heirlooms.

For my wedding in July, I wanted to give my husband something that he would always treasure and something that maybe can get passed on to our future children. So I decided to purchase this watch for him.

Now I was really torn because I was unsure if he was going to like it and also because he had been raving about a jazz bass that he was itching to get. Hmmm…jazz bass or watch? In the end I went with my gut and gave him the watch. He couldn’t have been more excited! I think he showed that off at the reception more than his wedding ring. LOL!

His gift to me? This hot little number that I am typing on. I swore up and down I was going to get jewelry as a gift and to my pleasant surprise he sent my brother (a groomsman) to my room the morning of the wedding to deliver this cool little MacBook. Now I wanted jewelry, what woman doesn’t, but I was complaining about my old laptop for so long…that this was a much better gift!! (and I can’t keep my hands off it!)

In the end, it’s really not about the gifts. In the wise words of one of my closest friends…”he is getting me isn’t he?”! Your gift to each other on your wedding day should be your devoted love for one another. When I was writing out the card to my husband the night before the wedding, I was so overwhelmed with putting my feelings for him into words…it made me cry. The next day, I received the best gift of all…the gift of a man that I love and cherish, someone who understands me, a man I can grow with and love the rest of our lives.

This post may have been a bit different if this were wrapped up with a bow for me! Haha!

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Sara - Thats a pretty sweet watch!!This may be an anniversary gift in the future….but for the wedding all he got was me :D

Yvett - Love the watch.
I actually had no idea with to get my now hubby..I ended up getting him something in Paris.

James - Look at that watch, what a lucky guy!!!

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